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Great SPIA Prize awarded to Cubitá

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On November 1st.  Cubitá received a Great SPIA Architecture Award on the Institutional Category, awarded by the SPIA (Panamanian group of engineers and architects)

The ceremony began with remarks from Mr. Jorge Amador, architect from the Amador-Valderrama Signature, who highlighted the most important design elements. Looking to have a relationship with the culture and architecture of the Azuero´s region, the common areas looking to be an integrating element, which is highlighting the work of local artisans, among others who are always looking to connect traditional and cultural Panamanian roots.

After  unveiling the plaque, members of the Board of Cubitá;  Mr. Antonio Miro, Mr. Ricardo Eskildsen and Mr. Ivan Eskildsen also directed a few words thanking  for sharing that special moment of the unveiling of the plaque.

Finally, the guests enjoyed a luxury concert by the band BAHERLO of the Jose Daniel Crespo College who represented us proudly in the last annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.

As Panamanians we are proud to provide  an small but significant grain to the rescue and preservation of our traditions, culture and folklore.


Congratulations Panama!



  • Reconocimiento de la SPIA
  • Develación de placa
  • Director de la banda, Irving Rodriguez Bernal
  • Junta Directiva
  • Placa otorgada por la SPIA
  • Banda BAHERLO
  • Banda BAHERLO del JDC

Premio Magno SPIA otorgado a Cubitá

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El pasado 1 de noviembre Cubitá dio la bienvenida al mes de la Patria celebrando la colocación de la placa del Premio Magno de Arquitectura 2014 en la Categoría Institucional, otorgado por el SPIA.

El acto inició con las palabras del Arq. Jorge Amador, de la firma Amador-Valderrama, quien destacó los elementos más relevantes del diseño: busca tener una relación con la cultura y la arquitectura de la región de Azuero, que sus áreas comunes que buscan ser un elemento integrador, que trata de resaltar el trabajo de los artesanos locales, entre otros aspectos que buscan siempre conectarse con las raíces tradicionales y culturales panameñas.

Luego, se dio la develación de la placa del Premio Magno de Arquitectura por parte de miembros de la Junta Directiva de Cubitá; estuvieron presentes los Sres. Antonio Miró, Ricardo Eskildsen e Iván Eskildsen, quienes además dirigieron unas palabras expresando su agradecimiento por compartir el momento especial de la develación de la placa.

Por último, los invitados tuvieron el lujo de deleitarse con un concierto de la banda de música Herberto López del Colegio José Daniel Crespo.

Se interpretaron piezas magníficas, tales como Patria de Ricardo Miró, 111 Años de Vida Republicana, Marcha Panamá y cerrando con broche de oro con Patria de Rubén Blades. Igualmente, se pudo apreciar el talento de estos jóvenes quienes además interpretaron otras piezas internacionales, que demuestran la calidad y disciplina de estos chicos, quienes nos representaron orgullosamente en el pasado desfile anual de Las Rosas en Pasadena, California.

Como panameños nos sentimos orgullosos de aportar día a día un grano pequeño pero significativo al rescate y preservación de nuestras tradiciones, cultura y folklore.

¡Felicidades Panamá!


  • Banda BAHERLO del JDC
  • Banda BAHERLO
  • Develación de placa
  • Junta Directiva
  • Director de la banda, Irving Rodriguez Bernal
  • Placa otorgada por la SPIA
  • Reconocimiento de la SPIA

The Opening of Cubita Boutique Resort & Spa.

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On February 8th in the company of the owners, family members, friends and special guests the opening of Cubita Boutique Resort and Spa took place. Cubita is an original project that offers a unique lodging experience in conjunction with the highest standards of international service while maintaining the colonial essence of the region. The mission of Cubita is to preserve and share the history, culture, traditions and identity of the Azuero Peninsula.



The Pre-opening of Cubita Boutique Resort & Spa.

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On Saturday January 25th a cocktail party was held in the social area and Los Maizales restaurant to celebrate the pre opening of our hotel. In attendance were the partners of Cubita Group, their families and friends.

Cubitá Boutique Resort & Spa TV Commercial.

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Cubitá TV Commercial

Cubitá TV Commercial









Cubita Visits Las Minas.

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On November 29 Cubitá representatives in conjunction with the MIDA Agro Tourism section of Herrera headed to the remote community of EL Maure, small town in the District of Las Minas, in order to share with them and pass on joy on these dates.

The activity was attended by about 150 people of the area, among them some 28 mothers and 50 children. The event began with poetry dedicated to the mothers by the children, saloma and torrents of mejorana.

It was mention to the community about happenings and developments in Chitre, among these the future opening of Cubitá Boutique Resort & Spa, museum, chapel and Commercial Plaza. In addition to the advances in the Agroturism farm Guazán, the hut, crops, reforestation, opening of trails and cabins that will house promptly tourists from around the world through Cubitá Tours. Been important to us to make them feel the respect that Cubitá Group and Guazán feels for the conservation of the environment, in addition, they were informed about the benefits that this project will bring to the community through direct and indirect peasants and artisans jobs, and certainly gives an opportunity to share with proud traditions and customs interioranas to Panama and the world.

Then food baskets to mothers, children toys and a lot of clothes in good condition , donations made by employees of the Group and the MIDA Cubitá were distributed. Was also carried out taking blood pressure several of the elderly, recalcándoles the importance of disease prevention. The event concluded with a piñata of goodies and a great lunch by the Department of Pro -Rural – MIDA Herrera and Kentucky Fried Chicken Chitre. The community, very excited , thanked everyone , since it is the first time someone visit and honors .

MIDA will hold another such activity Kings Day , in the month of January 2014 , pending for choosing the community in which the activity is performed.

Samy and Sandra Sandoval in Cubitá.

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The past Tuesday December 3rd, Cubitá Boutique Resort & Spa had the visit of two of the most prominent and talented Panamanian musicians, Samy and Sandra Sandoval for the filming of their latest video “Candela y Mermelada”.

Contraplano Films, with the representation of their producer Miguel González and his team, centered the first shots in the Cubitá Chapel, chosen for its beauty and outstanding colonial design. The weather was on our side allowing High quality images.

Of course, we could not let the opportunity pass to take some Pictures!

The next ambiance selected was the main hall which has warm materials such as Wood, Stone and clay, a part from fountains and big colonial chandeliers, providing an excellent scenario for this video.

¡Thank you Samy and Sandra, without a doubt you will continue achieving great successes!

Riba Smith Signs Agreement To Establish A Riba Smith Selecto in Cubita Shopping Plaza.

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Riba Smith Selecto in Chitré


The Riba Smith Group, a renowned Panamanian company, established in 1946, makes a great step forward in its expansion strategy by signing an agreement to enter for the first time in the area of the Central Provinces.

Riba Smith Selecto  is a concept that aims to offer customers products and services of the highest quality , being socially responsible to their community, workers and the environment. Javier Riba, General Manager for Riba Smith explains: ” In a Riba Smith Selecto , customers will find a full grocery store, with the same quality as any Riba Smith. The assortment is carefully selected and focused on meeting the needs of the market in which they are placed, also has the full range of our products: Rimith, Bakery, Deli, Fruits and Vegetables, Coffee and Ice Cream. ” He adds: ” In every Riba Smith Selecto there are highly qualified staff members ready to achieve this purpose”.

It is important to emphasize that Riba Smith Selecto customers will be able to place special orders via their web page ( ) or by phone if in need of a unique product or if not available in their nearest Riba Smith Selecto.

Thanks to the acceptance of this new concept by Riba Smith customers, the company has chosen Chitre to host this Riba Smith Selecto. Riba Smith has joined forces with the emblematic project Cubitá and it will be in Cubitá La Plaza were there will soon be products and services available to all families in Chitre with the special treatment that they deserve. Chitre, so far recognized by the Gorgas Memorial Institute as the “the best city to live in”, now also will be known as one of the best cities to invest.

For more information on the Cubita Project please call us (507) 910-1600 or send us an email at


Construction Progress – October 2013.

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Cubita Progress – September 2013.

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Here are some pictures of the construction progress by September 2013.