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The Manito Festival 2013.

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 Festival del Manito Ocú

From August 14th to August 17th, 2013.

“I’m going to Ocu, Manito, the land that pulls, Manito,” goes a popular tune from this traditional community in the province of Herrera. Indeed, Ocu has earned its share of respect for the vehemence with which it defends the folk traditions of the region. And without a doubt, the MANITO FESTIVAL represents the maximum event in Herrera when it comes to showing pride in popular culture. The festivities – which are centered in the community park – enable visitors to appreciate a wide variety of regional dances, while the locals go out of their way to cater to visitors and display their polleras, montunos, cutarras (elements of traditional dress) and cuisine, as well as some of the finest examples of local craftsmanship.

If you attend this festival in Ocu, remember to schedule time to enjoy the “ranch raising”, the peasant wedding ceremony, the “duel of the tamarind” and the traditional folk parade, without forgetting, of course, the stage presentations …. Now you know why they say: “Ocú, the land that pulls.”

Saint John´s in Chitre 2013.

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san juan 2013

Saint John´s festivities has always been characteristic of Chitre. This party is one of the most important parties for the chitreanos, who have been prepared in advance for the occasion. Parades, masses, processions, fireworks and the traditional “shout” of Ay Juan, Ay Juan! In this party the chitreanos know how to mix the modernity but also they take care of the old traditions. For those who wish to know the culture in Chitre, the festival of Saint John is an opportunity to do it. We recommend you to go to church to participate of the Holy Eucharist and also to the procession of Saint John. In the end, perhaps imbued with the magic of the holiday you will end up shouting Ay Juan, Ay Juan!

National Festival Of The Sugar Cane in Pesé 2013.

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From March 14th to March 17th, the beautiful town of uses sugar cane and its by-products to decorate the carts. Nothing is wasted including the core and bagasse, which is used to create pieces of art that impress upon the visitors of the town.

 Viviana Atencia will be the Queen of this Festival.
Take Advantage of this Festival and stop in Chitré to see the Model Home Of Cubitá. Click here to see the video.

The National Festival Of The Mejorana.

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On these days, in Guararé, the Province of Los Santos, there is an event called: “The National Festival Of The Mejorana”. The Mejorana is a musical instrument from the countryside, a guitar in which the locals play while singing their joys and sorrows. During the Festival the population come to taste national culture, particularly the “Creole” expressions of folklore. During the festivities there are a variety of contests: mejorana, drums,  tunas (a traditional parade with locals singing and playing traditional instruments), accordion, carts, and other folk dances.

This year’s events began with the coronation of HM Mercedes Vargas Alexandra Benavides, cart parades and the conclusion on the final day with the Classical Violin ensemble . Simultaneously to festivities, many performed religious acts of worship of the Virgin of Mercy, saint of the town, an event which takes place between  The 23th and 24th of September.

So to see all in one place, the best expressions of national folklore, requires a visit to the “Land of The Mejorana” as there you will find that “the Festival is forever.”


St. Michael The Archangel in Monagrillo.

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Monagrillo is synonymous with joy and humor, attributes that distinguish and have adhered to this community over time. Monagrillo, although a relatively small population, has two temples, one ancient and one contemporary, spacious and modern design. The latter is home to its patron St Michael.

On September 30th of each year the town of Monagrillo gather to commemorate St. Michael The Archangel. They do this by organizing the procession and celebrating Eucharist. Of course, the street party is in full swing with activities in the streets, bullfights, horseback riding, cantaderas (loud singing) and the traditional enthusiasm that characterize this town in the province of Herrera .

The Fundation Of Chitre.

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October 19th, 2012. The towns of Chitre and Los Pozos were both born on October 19th, 1848, when the Isthmus was still part of Colombia. Since then, they have made significant contributions to nation’s  development.

Chitre, for example, has become a city of trade and the financial core of the Azuero Peninsula. Hence, on October 19th was an important milestone for her in history. An fiesta that was presented in chitreano style, with events throughout the evening at The Union Park, where visitors saw the performance of popular culture.  Furthermore, the time is used to present folk and civic parades, which shows foreign and native strength with the signature of warmth that only the interior of Panama can portray.